1) Change the words in italics using the expressions given below:

  • Who are you? What is your name?
  • I am Jack Miller. You know me.
  • No, I don´t (I´m afraid not).

Igor Bobrov, Tanya Kotova, Tom Brown, Jack Mitchell, Bob Armstrong, Mary Wilson

Who is that gentleman who is sitting at the desk? You must know him.

He is Robert Hall.

  • reading a newspaper, holding a suit-case in his hand, eating a big sandwich, standing at the black car, making a box for chalk, with his hands in his pockets; Andrew Voronin, Boris Savenko, Jim Clarck, Tom Wilson, Peter Brown

Do you know that lady who is holding a little boy?

Of course, I do. It´s my sister.

  • writing the letter at the desk, sitting at the little round table, talking with a gentleman, wearing a nice blue dress, wearing a big yellow hat, smoking in that corner of the hall; my wife, my brother, Jack, Miss Brown, Kate Weston

2) Translate into English:

Хто ви? Як вас звати?

Як ваше прізвище?

Мене звуть Джеймс Браун. Називайте мене просто (just call ...) Джиммі.

Хто цей маленький хлопчик? - Це Боббі, або Роберт, син місіс Грант.

Мене звуть Андрій, прізвище Коваленко. Я брат Тетяни Коваленко.

Той молодий чоловік, що стоїть біля вікна, Ігор Сіров. Він мій друг.

Чоловік, що сидить біля телевізора, Федір Бойко.

Молода жінка, що тримає дитину за руку, і є Ніна Романова.

Вибачте, Ви Микола Ніконов, чи не так?

3) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

Excuse me.

Yes? (What is it?)

I think we know each other.

Well, I don´t know you. Who are you?

I´m Bob Pitkin and you are Peter Small.

I´m afraid you are taking me for another man. I´m Ted Miller.

Oh! I´m awfully sorry. I beg your pardon.

That´s all right. (O.K.)

Excuse me. I need Dr. Weston. Where is he?

He is standing in that corner of the hall, over there.

I see. But... there´re a lot of people there. Which is he?

He is... Well, a little girl is handing him a ball.

Oh, thank you very much.

Don´t mention it.

Who are you? What is your name?

My name is Alex D. Spencer.

Say it again, please. Rather spell it.


Good. What does the letter D stand for?

The «D» stands for «Douglas». Must I spell that, too?

No, you needn´t. Thank you, that´s all right.

Where is Miss Cook? Which is she?

The one who is holding a book in her hand.

Oh, yes. This is Mr. Hall, near Miss Jane.

No, that isn´t Mr. Hall. That´s Mr. Mitchell. Mr. Hall isn´t here at all.

I see. Well, and who is the gentleman next to Mr. Mitchell?

He is Mr. Cook.

And who is the lady with a big hat on? She looks very much like you.

That´s right. She´s my sister Alice.

4) Role-play the following situations:

You are at the party and want to have a talk with someone who is interesti

ng to you. But you don´t know his/her name.

You have an appointment with a chief manager. But you don´t know his/her name and the title.

Introduce your friend to your collegue (family).

You want to make acquainted with a girl or a boy somewhere.