Where are you from? Where do you come from? — I´m from Britain. Where does Igor Bobrenko come from? — He´s from Lviv, Ukraine. Where does Mrs. Ball come from? — She´s from Leeds, England. Where is Mr. Carter from? — He´s from Washington, D.C. Where are the MacDonnells from? — They are from Scotland.

What country are you from? — I´m from Ukraine. What country are you from? — I´m from the United States. What country is Mr. O´Kelly from? — Mr. O´Kelly is from Ireland. What country is Mr. Renier from? — Mr. Renier is from France.

Are you Ukrainian? — Yes, I am.

Are you English? Are you an Englishman? — No, I´m not. Is Mr. Renier French? Is he a Frenchman? — Yes, he is. Is that man Spanish? Is he a Spaniard? — No, he isn´t. Is that man Dutch? Is he a Dutchman? — No, he isn´t.

What town are you from? — I am from Kyiv.

What town do you live in? — I live in Leeds.

What town does Mr. Lee live in? — He lives in Miami Florida.

What country do they live in? — They live in Canada.

What country are they from? — They are from Ukraine.