1) Change the words in italics using the expressions given below:

Where are you from? I mean, what country are you from, Mrs. White!

I am from Britain.

Bobrov, Mr. Smith, Mr. Roget, Mr. Sordi, Pan Kowalski; the USA, France, Italy, Holland, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine

Are you English?

No, I am not. I´m Scottish.

French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

What kind of town is Lviv?

It´s a very picturesque town.

Boston, Washington, Moscow, London, Kyiv, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Wales

Unit 1. Personality

2) Say what nationality you associate with the things listed below:

4) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

Excuse me, who is that gentleman?

That´s Mr. David Russell.

Thank you. Tell me where is he from?

Mr. Russell is from Birmingham, England.

What does he do, by the way?

He´s a chemist or a physicist, something like that.

Are you American, Mr. Miller?

Me? American? Oh, no: I´m English. I´m Englishman.

Is that lady English, too?

Who? Mrs. McCall? Well, she´s a Scot. We are both British.

And where is Mr. O´Kelly from?

He is an Irishman.

What country are you from, Mr. Adams?

I´m from the USA. And you? Are you Ukrainian?

Yes, I´m from Ukraine. My name is Kotov.

Glad to meet you, Mr. Kotov. By the way, I´m going to visit your country soon.

Really? When?

Next month.

What country are you from?

I´m from England and Mr. Macintosh is from Scotland.

Are you travelling together?

Yes, we are members of a tourist group.

Have you visited many places in Ukraine?

Quite a lot. We´ve been to Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa and the Crimea.

5) Role-play the following situations:

You want to know more about your new friend. Ask him/her about his/her native town and nationality.

You are on vocation and want to see some interesting places abroad. Which countries do you want you to visit?