How old are you? — I´m twenty-two years old. How old are you, Jim? — I´ll be twenty-five next week. How old is Miss Brown? — I think she´s about twenty. How old is your friend? — He´s nineteen.

When were you born? — I was born on the 26th of October 1980. When is your birthday? — My birthday is on the 2d of March. What is the date of your birth? — I was born on the 3d of July 1949. Where were you born? — I was born in Kyiv. It´s my (native) hometown.

When did you go to school? — I went to school at the age of six.

(I went to school in 1970, when I was six).

When did you enter the University? — I entered it in 1999.

When did you begin work? — I began work in May 1996.

How long did you work in the office? — I worked there four years.

Many happy returns (of the day)! — Thank you. Happy birthday to you! — Thank you.

Here´s something for your birthday. — Thank you. It´s very kind of you.