1) Change the words in italics using the expressions given below:

How old are you?

I´m twenty-two.

nineteen, twenty-nine, over forty, fifty odd, forty-five

When were you born?

I was born on the 3d of July 1949.

The 13th of May 1975, the 20th of March 1980, the 7th of October 1985, the 12th of December 1977

When is your birthday?

My birthday is on the 1st of April.

the 15th of June, the 28th of November, the 4th of September, the 6th of February

When did you leave school?

I left school in 1998.

2001, 2003, 1975, 1994, 1997

2) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

When were you born, Boris?

On the 10th of September 1982.

You are almost half my age.

Oh, is it really possible? You look so young!

Well, you can look at my date of birth in my passport. Here you are.

Honestly, you don´t look your age, really.

When was Charles Dickens born?

In the XlXth century... Well, I don´t know exactly.

And do you know when George Bernard Shaw was born?

I´m afraid, I can´t remember that either.

You should know such dates if you want to become a teacher of English.

Now we have to fill in this form. Well, today´s date is (writing down) 18 August 1983. Name. Smith Pauland Nancy. Nationality. British. Date of birth. Mine is 11 December 1938. Yours? When were you born, Nancy?

Stop joking, Paul. You know pretty well when I was born.

Ah, yes. 22 August 1946. Let´s go on. Place of birth. I was born in Leeds. You? I can never remember that place.

You are talking too much, Paul. Put down, Liverpool.

Thank you. That´s all. We are through with it.

Many happy returns of the day, Susan!

Thank you, Victor. I´m very glad you have come. I only mentioned the date of my birthday. I didn´t expect you would remember it.

I remember it as you see, Susan. Now here´s a long-playing record for your birthday present. It´s Tchaikovsky´s «The First Symphony».

3) Role-play the following situations:

You are invited to your friend´s birthday party. Have a talk with him/her.

You are going abroad. Fill in the form.

You want to know more about your groupmate, ask when he/she was born.