1) Give definition to the next words and word combinations: MODEL:


My grandfather is my mother´s father or my father´s father.

Grandmother, uncle, aunt, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, niece, nephew, cousin, widower, bachelor, step-father, orphan, a nuclear family, an extended family, a single parent family.

2) Change the words in italics. Using the expressions given below.

What relation are you to Patrick Brooks (Ann Hill)?

He (She) is my cousin.

brother-in-law, mother-in-law, stepmother, grandfather, aunt, niece, nephew

Is Philip any relation to Nancy?

Well, they are cousins.

husband and wife, uncle and niece, brother and sister, just friends, bride and bridegroom, newly weds

Is his (her) family large or small?

Well, he (she) is a bachelor.

unmarried, a widower (widow), single, divorced, an orphan, childless

3) Complete the following sentences:


Have you get any sisters or brothers?

No, I have no sisters or brothers.

... cousins? - ... a wife?

4) Translate and act out:

Мері — Ваша сестра?

No, she isn´t. She is my cousin. Do you know her?

Так, вона дуже вродлива. Вона одружена?

No, she isn´t. She´s single.

Who is that man?

He is my father.

Він дуже молодо виглядає.

What´s he?

Він архітектор.

Do you have small children?

Hi. Вони вже дорослі. Сину-25, Дочка-підліток. їй 14років.

Is your son married?

Yes, he is.

У Вас є фотографія Вашої сестри?

Так. Ось вона.

Who is this pretty girl?

Це моя сестра. Зліва — моя мати. В центрі — мій батько.

What a lovely family!

5) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

Is your family large, Mrs Hall?

Yes, rather. I have a husband and three children. Besides, my old mother lives with us.

Are your children grown up yet?

Oh, yes. The elder son, Paul, works at a factory, our daughter, Nancy, studies at a Secretarial College, and the younger son, Alan, is finishing school.

You say you have an elder sister. What´s her name?

Katrine, Kate for short. She was called after our granny (grandmother) as her father wanted.

Really? Isn´t that funny? We both have sisters and each of them is called Katrine.

Well, Kate is quite a popular name with Englishmen as well as Natalka is with Ukrainians.

I´d like them to meet and have a talk like we do.

Is your son married?

No. He is not married. He´s single.

What is he?

He´s an economist.

How old is he?

He´s 20.

Oh, he looks much younger. Do you have parents?

My father is dead. My mother is alive. She lives with my younger sister.

Have you got a photo of your family?

Yes, here it is.

Who is this man?

The man on the left is my father. He´s an architect. He´s forty.

You look like him.

Yes, I do. My mother is three years younger than my father. She

´s in the middle, next to him.

She´s very attractive.

6) Role-play the situations:

Your guests from Great Britain are asking about your family (members, their age, their professions).

Your guest asks you to show the family album. You are looking through the album and giving comments.

Imagine that this photo shows three of your family or friends. You may use a real photo. Tell your partner who is in the photo and say a few words about each of them.

Ask your fellow-students about their close and distant relatives.