A General description

We use «look like» to describe the people´s appearance.

What does she look like? — She´s tall and she´s got fair hair. Who does he look like? — He looks like his father.

We use «to be like»* or»to take after» to describe people´s character.

What´s he like? — He´s nice.

Who´s he like? — He´s like his father.

Who does he take after? — He takes after his father.

We use how are (is) to ask for health and happiness, not for description.

How are your parents? — They are fine, thanks.

How is your mother? — My mother had a cold but she´s better now.

Note: *to be like — is also using for general description places or things. What´s Lviv like? It´s green and cosy.

We use the verb «like» to find out the person´s liking and disliking

What does Pete like? He likes swimming! What do your children like? They like to play.