1. Reflexive Pronouns

Table 1

Note: We don´t use «myself» etc. after the verbs:

to wash, to dress, to shave, to feel, to relax, to concentrate.

Exercise 1. Put in reflexive pronouns where it´s necessary:

  1. Jack and Jill are very happy together. They love . very much.
  2. Tom cut . while he was shaving this morning.
  3. Some people are very selfish. They only think of ... .
  4. Don´t worry about us. We can do it . .
  5. I tried to study but I just couldn´t concentrate ... .
  6. When the boy feel down the stairs he didn´t hurt ... .
  7. Did the children enjoy . when they were on holiday?
  8. Can you clean the windows for me? Why don´t you clean them ...
  9. Who told you Linda was getting married? — Linda told me .
  10. At Christmas friends often give ... presents.