The Construction «there is/there are»

Indefinite Pronouns and their Derivatives

Table 1

Table 2

Exercise 1. Make up sentences with the given pairs of words using the construction there is/there are:

1) two windows — in the kitchen

2) a lot of snow — in the street

3) some pictures — on the wall

4) some bookshelves — in my room

5) two chairs — at the table

6) some coffee — in the cup

7) my relatives — in Lviv

8) a TV set — in the living room

9) beautiful flowers — in the small vase

10) a bed — in the children´s room

Exercise 2. Make up negative and interrogative sentences:

5) There is a lamp on the table.

6) There are nice pictures on the wall.

7) There are two girls in the room.

8) There are three rooms in my flat.

9) There is a thick carpet in the middle of the room.

10) There is a telephone in my flat.

11) There is a garden near our block of flats.

12) There is a lot of snow in the street.

13) There is some bread on the plate.

14) There are seven days in a week.

Exercise 3. Translate into English:

  1. Книжка лежить на столі.
  2. В парку дуже багато квітів.
  3. В моїй квартирі нема телефону.
  4. Холодильник стоїть навпроти вікна.
  5. Газова плита — поруч з раковиною з холодною та гарячою водою.
  6. В кутку стоїть телевізор.
  7. Навколо стола стоять чотири стільця.
  8. В моїй квартирі є балкон.
  9. Чи є у вашій квартирі дитяча кімната?
  10. У холодильнику нема нічого з фруктів

Table 3

Exercise 4. Fill in the blanks with some, any and their derivatives:

  1. There are ... books on the shelves.
  2. Is there . on the desk?
  3. Are there ... students in the classroom?
  4. She wants ... books to read.
  5. Are there . students to wait for?
  6. I´d like to have ... tea.
  7. Take ... newspaper you like.
  8. Are you going to meet ... special at the party?
  9. He has pen-friends in . .
  10. There are ... problems to worry about.
  11. Would you like ... else?
  12. I need ... money. Can you lend me ... sum?
  13. Is there ... interesting film to see?
  14. Do you have ... work to do?
  15. There isn´t ... milk in the glass.

Exercise 5. Translate into English:




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