Answer in writing the following questions and write an essay about your flat (house):

  1. What town do you live in?
  2. What kind of town is it?
  3. Do you live in a student hostel or at home?
  4. Does your family rent a flat or do you have a home of your own?
  5. What is your address?
  6. How many storeys are there in your house?
  7. Which floor is your flat on?
  8. Is there a lift in your block of flats?
  9. What modern conveniences are there in your flat (house)?
  10. How many rooms are there in your flat?
  11. Which room is the largest one? Describe it.
  12. What furniture is there in your living-room?
  13. How is your kitchen furnished?
  14. Do you have a room for yourself?
  15. Is there a yard or a park near your house?
  16. Is the flat which you have, good for your family?
  17. When did you move into your flat?
  18. How long have you lived in your house?
  19. What can you say about the housing conditions in Ukraine?
  20. What can you say about the living conditions of Ukrainian (Britain) students?
  21. What can you say about the rents in Ukraine (Britain)?
  22. What can you say about the housing problem in Ukraine (Britain)?
  23. Do you like your flat (house)?
  24. What house would you like to live in?

Learn the following proverbs and give their Ukrainian equivalents:

  1. East or West, home is best.
  2. Every country has its customs.
  3. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
  4. Rome was not built in a day.
  5. So many countries so many customs.
  6. There is no place like home.
  7. When at Rome, do as the Romans do.
  8. Love in a cottage.
  9. An Englishman´s home is his castle.
  10. It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.