1) Complete the following:


What the time?

It is 3 o´clock (sharp).

2) Make up the dialogues changing the words in italics with the words given below:

What time is it (by your watch)?

It´s twenty minutes past three.

9.00, 8.45, 7.15, 6.12, 12.30, 1.58, 4.37, 11.05, 12.00

What were you doing at about nine in the evening?

I was reading a newspaper.

9p.m., 11 a.m., 7p.m., noon, 2 p.m., 5p.m.; sleeping, working, having a lesson, watching TV, talking with B., having lunch

When will we meet next?

Any time you like. What will you say if we meet on Sunday?

tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, on Wednesday, in a week, on Friday night, in three or four days

I suggest we should meet again.


In a week, not later.

discuss Mr. Brown´s design, speak to Dr. Wilson, take a new secretary, arrange a meeting

3) Translate and act out:

Sorry, what´s the time? - Hurry up! It is about 12 o´clock.

Зараз 8 година вечора. - Невже? Я спізнююсь на роботу.

Дякую. - Твій годинник поспішає на 7 хвилин.

You are welcome.

Is it five o´clock now? -

Yes, it is. -

Де Джон? -

He must come at five sharp.

У нас ділова зустріч о 6 - годині.

Невже зараз 8 година? Так. Де ми зустрінемось? We´ll meet at 8.30 in your office. Does it suit you? Так. Мене це влаштовує.

Translate the following questions:

Який сьогодні день? Вівторок, не середа?

Котра година? — Вісім хвилин на першу. — Дякую.

Коли ми сьогодні зустрічаємось? — О четвертій годині.

Я пропоную організувати зустріч завтра о 6 годині вечора.

Я пропоную зустрітися та обговорити цю проблему з інженером фірми.

Вибачте, що я примусила вас чекати.

Коли ви зустрічаєтесь з паном Петровим?

Ми домовилися вранці, що зустрінемося за ленчем.

Ви вільні у п´ятницю ввечері? — На жаль, ні.

У мене ділова зустріч із Мері Brown. Вона буде чекати на мене в готелі.

Давайте зустрінемось через тиждень. Це Вас влаштовує?

Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

Are you busy on Wednesday evening, Mr. Hall?

Let me see ... Yes, I´m having an interview in the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

What time?

From six till seven. Would you like to meet me?

Yes, I suggest we should meet again and finish our discussion.

I also think we should meet one of these days. But unfortunately (on) after the interview my wife and I go to the theatre.

Well, then what do you say to Thursday morning?

Thursday? Let me think... All right, let´s make it Thursday. Agreed. I´ll come without fail.

When will we meet today, Susan?

Any time you like. I´m practically free in the afternoon. Let´s meet at four or five or half past five.

Half past five will do for me. What about you?

It´s very good time for me, too.

I´ll come round for you. You don´t know this town well yet and the hostel is not in the centre.


nk you. That´s very kind of you.

What time is it by your watch, Walt?

What time by my watch? Well, it´s ... it´s 20 minutes to five.

Twenty minutes to five?

Yes, what do you think?

Well, by my watch it´s five sharp. Either your watch is slow or mine is fast.

Yours is fast. That´s for sure because I set my watch by the radio just at noon.

What were you doing at 5 p.m. yesterday?

Let me think. Ah, I was writing a letter to my uncle.

Well, what were you doing from 6 till 9 in the evening?

I was watching a match on TV. Why do you ask?

I just wanted to phone you but I thought you were doing something and I didn´t want to disturb.

6) Role-play the following situations:

Your watch is 10 minutes late. You are in a hurry. Say that you mustn´t be late.

Ask the time. You are going to meet your friend at 4 p.m.

You have a date at 7 p.m. You must come at 7 o´clock sharp.

You are very busy. You have no time. You have a date in your office.

You don´t know the time. Ask somebody.