Where´s the nearest public phone? — It´s just round the comer.

Is there a call-box anywhere here? — I think there is one near the cinema

over there.

Do you mind my using your telephone? — Not at all. Please do. Can I ring to town from here? — Yes, dial number 9 first.

What´s the number of Mr. Hall´s office? — It´s 01-846-1377 (oh one-eight- four-six-one-three-double seven).

What´s the telephone number of Mr. Brown´s home? — It´s 01-846-1377. What´s the number of the firm´s switchboard? — It´s 01-567-2435. What´s the number of your extension? — It´s 502. Is this 01-566-5678? No, you have dialed the wrong number.

This is Mr. Dixon´s office. Mr. Dixon is speaking. This is Mr. Smith´s secretary. Mr. Smith is in conference. Mr. Smith is away (ill, busy now). Hold on! I´ll put you through to Mr. Smith.

The telephone is out of order. I can´t hear the dialling tone.

I´ve dialled six times and not got through. The line is engaged all the time.

We are disconnected as soon as we begin talking.

Something is interfering. I can´t hear anything.

I can´t make out what you are saying. Speak louder, please.

Don´t shout! Speak more distinctly. I´ll phone you tomorrow.