1) Complete the followings:


Can I speak to Dick?

Sorry, he is out.

-... Mr. Taylor? - May I ...? - Am I speaking to ... ? - Could I ...? - I´m afraid.... - ... he isn´t in. - ... She is not here. - Just a minute. Sorry,

he is away. Give him a ring in the afternoon.

MODEL: - You´d rather call him back.

ring ... back. - I´ll call... - Ring... back.


Can the dentist see me today?

No, I am afraid not. He won´t be available until tomorrow.

-... the lawyer ...on Fri- - ... Mr. Moore ... at three? - ... the manager ... before

day? - lunch?

- ... back until Tuesday. ... free ... six. - ... in this afternoon.


Monday´s not good. He´ll be busy.

How about Tuesday, then?

9.30´s... . He´ll ... at the meeting. - Before lunch ... at the conference.

... 10.30...? -... this afternoon, ...? ...

Translate and act out:

Ало, це Том?

Yes. Who´s speaking, please?

Це Фред Блек. Можна поговорити з Джоном?


Here is John Filler.

Hello, John. Glad to hear your voice.

Алло, Ганно. Це Роберт. Ти зайнята ввечері?


I´d like to invite you for a party.

Thank you for the invitation.

Sorry. Is it one-three-nine-seven-two?


May I speak to Ann Frost?

Шкодую, але її нема. Що передати?

No message.

Change the words in italics using the expressions given below:

Operator here. Can I help you?

Please put me through to the manager of the hotel.

□ service bureau, reception clerk, city, car factory switchboard, chief of the commercial department, president of the firm.

Is that Mr. McCall´s home?

Oh, no! It isn´t a private home, it´s an office. You´ve dialled the wrong number.

flat, room, Jones and Sons Company, the Consul Hotel, the Bank of England.

Will you please call Mr. Green to the telephone?

Who will I say is calling?

It´s his friend on a trunk-call from Paris.

□ his wife, his son, her uncle, her sister, Brian Brown, Norma Street, chief manager, head of the delegation.

Choose the right variant (a, b, c, d):

When you answer the telephone and can´t make out who is speaking to you, you say:

«Hold the line».

«I´m sorry, it must be the wrong number».

«Who is on line?»

«Thanks for calling».

The telephonist generally says in case he (she) can´t put you through:

«I can´t get through».

«Speak slowly, please».

«May I use your phone?»

«I can´t hear you well».

You have forgotten your friend´s telephone number. So you look in the:



Telephone Directory (telephone book);


Translate into English.

Підніміть слухавку і чекайте гудка.

Положіть слухавку.

Наберіть ном


Опустіть монету.

Номер не зайнятий.

Подзвоніть через комутатор.

Почекайте, поки вам не стануть відповідати.

Я зробив міжміський телефонний виклик.

Абонент не відповідає.

Міжнародний автоматичний зв´язок дуже популярний.

Я зробив об´яву, записану на плівку.

У місті є станція міжнародного автоматичного телефонного зв´язку.

Назвіть додатковий номер.

Подзвоніть телефоністу, і вас з´єднають.

Не кладіть слухавку.

Замовте міжміський телефонний виклик.

Answer your friend´s questions.

What is the number of Information? Is it the same or different in different towns?

What is your telephone number?

Where is the nearest public phone?

Where and how can we make a trunk-call?

What is a switchboard?

What are the conversational formulas which we use to begin a talk over the telephone?

How many times a day do you make calls over the telephone?

Is it possible to tell in what district a person lives or works by the first figures of his telephone number?

What does the long (short) buzz mean?

Is the telephone a convenient thing? Why?

Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:


This is Patricia West speaking. May I speak to Lora Lee?

Would you mind holding a minute? I´ll try to find her.

Thank you, you´re very helpful.

Hello, she stepped out for a minute.

Sorry, I can´t hear you well.

I say she is not in. She´ll be back soon. Have she return your call?

Unfortunately I can´t be reached by phone. Could you take a message for her, please? - Willingly.

Please, tell her that Martin is arriving tomorrow.

Okay. Pardon, what did you say your name was?

Patricia West. Thank you, good-bye.



This is Hunt. Could I speak to John Rose, please?

Mr. Rose is tied up now. Would you like to leave a message or to call back later?

No, this is very urgent. He´s waiting for my call.

Please, hold a moment... It´s okay, Mr. Hunt. I´m connecting you.

Hello, Mr. Hunt. Thank you for calling.

Hello, Mr. Rose. You´ve got a good secretary. I know you´re pretty busy, but I won´t keep you long.

Did you manage?

Yes, I did. The agreement has been signed.

Thank God! Well done. Thank again. This was very important.



Good morning. Mr. Dixon´s office. Can I help you?

Oh, good morning. My name is Alex Rudenko. Could I speak to Mr. Dixon, please?

I´m sorry, Mr. Dixon is at a conference now. Then he´ll be out for lunch. Would you like to leave a message for Mr. Dixon?

Yes, please. Tell him that Alex Rudenko, from Kyiv, is now in London. I´m staying at the Europe Hotel, room 312. He can ring me up as soon as he´s time. Maybe I´ll ring him up later in the day.

Thank you, Mr. Rudenko. I´ll let Mr. Dixon know about your call.

Telephone Exchange.

I want to book a trunk call to Kyiv.

Kyiv? Let me see. I can´t put you through for at least two hours. Will 2 o´clock suit you?

It´ll be 5 in Kyiv. All right. Hello! Hello! ...


I have been disconnected (cut off).

Yes, I´m very sorry. Please give me the number you want in Kyiv.

It is 465-78-98.

Your number here, please?

The Europe Hotel, extension 312.

Thank you.

8) Role-play the following situations:

You phone your friend. An unknown voice answer: «Hello». You say

You are staying at a London hotel. You want to be put through to a city number. You say ...

An unknown voice over the phone says you have dialled the wrong number. You say ...

The secretary of Mr. White whom you want to speak to over the telephone says he is in conference. You say ...

You want to book a trunk call to Kyiv. But you are in an English town and nobody at the Telephone Exchange seems to know Ukrainian. You say.

Your telephone rings. You pick up the receiver and hear an unknown voice. The speaker goes on and you still don´t know who she is. You say ...

You tell the desk-clerk that the telephone in your room is out of order. You explain to him what is wrong with it. Among other things, you say