1)Answer in writing the following questions and write an essay about yourself:

Do you get up early? Is it easy for you to get up early?

Do you wake up yourself or does an alarm clock wake you up?

Do you do morning exercises? Do you do your morning exercises to the music?

Which do you prefer: a hot or a cold shower in the morning?

How long does it take you to get dressed?

Some people look through newspapers or listen to the latest news on the radio while having breakfast. What about you?

When do you usually leave the house?

Do you work? Where do you work?

When does your working day begin?

When do your lessons at the University begin?

How long does it take you to get to the University (work)?

What do you usually do on your way to work (the University, etc.)?

Do you like to be late for the lessons?

When are your lessons over?

How long does it take you to do home assignments?

What do you usually do in the evening?

In what way do you help your parents about the house?

Do you prefer weekends to weekdays? Why?

What time do you come home?

How do you spend your evenings?

What time do you usually go to bed?

2)Describe the working day of somebody using suggested scheme: 7.00-7.50 Getting up; physical exercises, washing; breakfast. 7.50-8.30 Walking to work (the University). 10.00 Conference at the Ministry.

11.30 Discussing new production (academic) programme with

the heads of departments. 12.30-14.00 Meeting Dr. A. Jackson (Columbia Univ., USA). Lunch. 14.00 Inspecting the new hostel construction site.

15.00-18.00 Telephoning the Simmons Company. Studying all kinds of

documents. Receiving the workers (teachers, students).

18.00 End of work. Collecting your grandson from nursery school.

19.00 Getting home. Supper.

Unit 4. Daily Affairs

9 Learn the following proverbs and give their Ukrainian equivalents:

Lost time is never found again.

Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wize.

If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.

Be slow to promise and quick to perform.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

A great ship asks deep waters.

A stitch in time saves nine.

An idle brain is the devil´s workshop.

Better to do well than to say well.

By doing nothing we learn to do ill.