Практикум з англійської мови


Note: It´s O.K. to make plans with friends at the last minute. But it´s more polite, however, to make them ahead of time. In Great Britain girls and boys usually begin to go out on «dates» when they are 14 or 15. Typical dates include going to the cinema, going dancing or going to a party.

Topical words

Text 1. Music. (B)

Many books have been written on the mysteries of musical form, yet few make it clear that form is not a mould into which the composer pours his music, but a logical process of presenting those ideas most effectively.

The need for music implies a capacity to follow it and to understand it emotionally. Music is a universal language of mankind, everyone can understand it irrespective of nationality and age.

Speaking about music, we must mention a wellknown Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Chaikovsky (1840-1893), because his name is linked with an entire epoch in the development of music. his compositions include 10 operas, 3 ballets, 6 symphonies, 4 concertoes, romances, songs and instrumental pieces. His name is closely connected with our today´s life, his music serves to develop art and strengthen its links with all the people in the world. Chaikovsky´s music can be heard in every corner of our land, everyone finds something of individual value and charm in his immortal music. The wordless but expressive language of the dance has appeared with his ballets «Swan Lake» and «The Sleeping Beauty». Among his famous works are «Romeo and Juliet», «Eugene Onegin», «Iolanta», «The Queen of Spades», «The Nutcracker Suite», etc. And if you

are fond of music, you can´t help admiring Ludwig van Bethoven´s symphonies, which are unequalled in beauty.

Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart´s symphonies are very thrilling and emotionally coloured too.

Among the famous Ukrainian composers is Mikola Vitaliyovich Lyssenko, who wrote nine operas. Among his operas are «Natalka Poltavka», «Taras Bulba», «Eneida» and many others.

Nowadays the Ukrainian opera singers are warmly received in many countries. The best known soloists are Anatoly Solovyanenko, Evgenia Miroshnichenko, Dmitro Gnatyuk. The Ukraine takes an active part in the world cultural process. Ukrainian orchestras, singers, ballet-masters visit different countries very often.

It is obvious that everybody likes music; some people enjoy classical music, others are fond of light music. But one of the most important things is to learn to be a good listener. To be a good listener means to listen to music without doing anything else. It is necessary to practise it for a long time: to sit still and to concentrate on listening. Then it becomes a habit of going to concerts of chamber or light music, attending a symphony concert, a piano or violin recital or choral concert.

Music is the «art of combining sounds with a view to beauty of form, and expression of emotion». Good music, like any good art is characterized by its lasting qualities.

Exercise: Answer the following questions:

Are you fond of music?

What kind of music do you prefer?

What composer do you like the best? Can you say anything

about your favourite composer?

Which recitals do you generally attend? Why?

Whom do you consider to be the best Ukrainian pianist

(violinist, singer, conductor)?

What role does music play in our life?

Who was the founder of Ukrainian music?

Do you play the piano (the violin, etc.)?