How about going to see Paul and Claire on Saturday?

I´d like it very much.

Would 7.30 be O.K.?

That´s fine.

Would you like to go a party? That´s good idea. Let´s say about seven? That´s O.K. with me.

Let´s go to the cinema tonight.

Not tonight. Maybe another time.

Come on!

No, thanks for asking. I am really not in the mood this evening.

Why don´t we go dancing?

No, I am really not in the mood for dancing.

Then why don´t we go out and get something to eat?


1. Complete the followings:


Where are your seats?

In the balcony.

... ? ... box.

... ?

... stalls.


Do you feel like seeing a film?

That´s a good idea!

... having a party? - ... eating out?

... - Thanks for asking.


What´s the best time to meet?

Let´s say about eight.

... going to the - ... playing cards? party?

... - I´d love to.

... to go?


. to leave? .. nine.

2. Translate and act out:

...to call?

... a quarter to four.

Чому б нам сьогодні не піти в гості? Гарна думка. Let´s say about six? Fine. See you later.

How about going to that new cafe? Would 7.00 be O.K.? Підходить.

Чому б нам не піти на дискотеку? Not tonight. Maybe another time. Пішли.

Hi. Нема настрою.

3) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them.

How about going to a theatre on Sunday?

Fine idea.

Where are our seats?

In the stall, row C. It is close to the stage.

We don´t have to use opera glasses.

Look! Henry is sitting in the box.

I see.

Hello, Jane! How are you?

Fine, thanks. And you?

O.K. ... Jane, what are you doing tomorrow night? Would you like to go to the cinema? Kate and I are going to see a new film.

I can´t, I´m afraid. I have to finish my project by Friday, and it´s nowhere near ready.

What´s a pity! Never mind!

Thanks for the invitation.

That´s O.K.

Hello, Tony. How are you?

Very well, thanks. And you?

Fine. Listen, Tony. What are you doing on Saturday evening?

Er... Nothing special. Why?

Would you like to go out for a meal?

That would be lovely! Where do you want to go?

Well, I like Italian food, as you know...

Mm, me too!

How about going to Giovanni´s?

Great! Will we meet there?

Yes, why not? What time will we meet?

Eight o´clock?

Yes, that´s fine.

Lovely. See you then.

Dear, it´s half past nine.

Does that worry you, Rolf?

It´s pretty late, Jane.

Never mind, today is Sunday. We like to stay in bed longer on Sundays.

Look out of the window, Rolf. What you see is a typically English Sunday for many people.

They just sit down on a bench or a desk-chain in their garden and rest and sleep, or read novels a

nd detective stories.

Well, some people invite their friends or visit them or go for walks. Others spend their Sundays in a park.

There´s a growing number of people who prefer to go to the country and spend the weekend fishing, camping, or hiking. Excursion trains are run to the seaside and people who have a car of their own generally make a trip to some place of interest or to a beauty spot somewhere in the country.

4) Role-play the following situations:

You are planning an evening out. You´d like to invite your friend to the theatre. He/she accepts your invitation with pleasure.

You are going for a walk with you friend. But your friend doesn´t accept your invitation.

You are inviting Mary to go to a cafe. She thanks you for asking. You discuss the best time for meeting.

Mike invites you to go to the cinema. But you are not in the mood. You say you´d rather stay at home tonight.