1) Answer the following questions:

When do you have your days-off?

When do you usually get up on weekdays?

Where do you usually spend your weekends?

What sport do you go in for?

What kind of sport do you prefer to go in for in winter (summer)?

Do you like to go to the library?

What do you know about gardening?

Do you like computer games?

Are you fond of making things?

Have you ever collected anything?

What can be collected?

Is collecting your hobby? What do you collect?

Is it easy or difficult to collect old coins (postage stamps, etc.)?

What is your favourite pastime?

Do you like playing chess?

How often do you go fishing?

What do you usually do after work?

What is your hobby?

What are the usual hobbies of Ukrainian students?

Are there any hobby groups at your Institute (work)?

Do you take part in the work of any of them?

Do you think cooking, washing up or doing the house may be a man´s hobby?

What are the typical hobbies of Englishmen?

Do you know any hobbies of the famous people?

2) Work in groups of four: find out what each person likes. For each

person put a tick in the appropriate column.

3) Work in pairs. Find out each person´s opinion about the sports below and put a tick in the appropriate column. Find out which opinions are most common in your group.

Learn the following proverbs and give their Ukrainian equivalents:

The bisiest man finds the most leisure.

Christmas comes but once a year.

Custom is a second nature.

Choose an author as you choose a friend.

Wear the old coat and buy a new book.

In sports and journeys men are known.

A sound mind in a sound body. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

The best of the sport is to do the deed and say nothing.

A room without books is a body without soul.

As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

Money spent on the brain, is never spent in vain.