1. The Impersonal Pronoun «it».

THE IMPERSONAL PRONOUN «IT» (formal subject)

Using: When we talk about:

weather conditions or the state of environment:

It often rains in autumn. It is stuffy in here.

time (date, day, part of the day, month, season, year):

It´s 5 o´clock. It ´s Friday today. It ´s morning.


It ´s 5 degrees above zero. It ´s 10 degrees below zero.


It is a long way to the station. It ´s far from here.


Be attentive! In this case «it» is a real subject: This is a pen. It is black.

Table 1

Exercise 1. Make up negative and interrogative sentences:

It snows and freezes hard in winter.

It is the first of May today.

It´s 14 degrees above zero.

It began to rain early in the morning.

It was windy yesterday.

It was snowing last winter from February till March.

It gets dark early in autumn.

It is warm in summer.

It´s no distance at all.

It was sunny at noon.

Unit б. Seasons and weather Exercise 2.