Are you being served (helped, attended)?

Can I help you?

What can I do for you?

Have you been attended to?

Can I be of any service to you?

What would you like, sir?

How much is it?

What does it cost?

Where is the fitting room?

Does it suit (fit) me?

What is the price of ...?

What would you recommend me?

Do you know the size of ...?

What kind of ... do you want?

How do you like this one?

What colour do you like?

What is your size in ...?

How do you feel in them?

I´d like to buy a . .

I´m trying to find a . .

Could you show me a . ?

I´m looking for a . .

Let me have a look at my list.

We´re run out of (bread) at home.

I´d better try it on.

No, it´s much too fat/lean.

I take size 40 in collar.

It´s too loose /tight.

It´s too expensive.

Show me another pair.

It´s very much in the latest style.

We´ll be getting more in.

I´m afraid we´re sold /out /at the moment.

It´s very popular this year.

Don´t forget the change.

Will you try this pair on?