1) Complete the following:

MODEL: People go to the baker´s to buy some bread and cakes.


How much?

20 dollars. It´s not expensive.

1. - ... ? 2. - ... ? 3. - How much is it? - 15... a packet. - ... it´s cheap. - 70 pence


Where´s the fitting room?

Come this way.

1. - ... the nearest department store? 2. - ... the cash-box (desk)? - Round the corner. - On the left.

MODEL: I´m looking for a blue raincoat.

- ... a light blue blouse.

- ... a sweater for my son.

- I need ...

- I want to buy ...

2) Translate and act out:

Мені потрібно пітп до магазину. Хочу купити щось на день народження Барбари.

Що ти хочеш купити?

I need meat, fish, cheese, sausages, eggs, sweets, wine and mineral water.

Let´s do shopping in the supermarket. I´ll join and help you.

Вас обслуговують?

Not yet. I need a good raincoat, umbrella and summer shoes. Something in brown.

Приміряйте цей плащ. Це остання модель.

Where´s the fitting room?

It´s over there.

Він добре сидить?

Так. Це ваш розмір.

Скільки цей плащ коштує?

It costs ...

Добре. Я його візьму.

Мені потрібна бавовняна сорочка.

Here is a shirt of your size. It´s cotton. The latest model.

Я візьму дві сорочки.

Of the same shade?

Hi. Одну білу, другу блакитну.

Please pay at the desk.

Що ти хочеш купити синові?

I haven´t decided yet. What would you recommend?

It´s hard to say. I don´t know your boy. Is he fond of music?

Так. Він дуже захоплюється музикою.

Don´t you want to buy a player for him?

Чудова думка.

I´ll help you to choose.

3) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

Good morning. Can I help you?

I want some coffee and two packets of tea.

What brand?

Brazilian Gold coffee and Indian tea.

Here is your coffee, but I´m afraid we haven´t got any Indian tea at this moment.

Oh, what other brand could you recommend to me, please?

We´ve got Earl Grey. That´s an excellent tea from London.

How much?

20 pence a packet.

Isn´t that rather expensive?

Not for what it is.... Here´s your change.

Are you being served?

Not yet. I´d like to see a winter overcoat like the one I´ve got on, only a bit more of a blue.

Will you come this way, please? How do you like this one?

I don´t care for the style. Have you no others to show me?

We have a nice selection of ready-made overcoats. How does this one suit you?

I like the cut. The style is rather striking. Will it wear well?

I´ll stand any amount of wear.

Are the sleeves the right length for me? Isn´t it a bit baggy at the waist?

Not a bit. It fits you like a glove (as if it were made for you). We´ve a big sale for these coats. It´s really a bargain at the price.


n I help you?

Yes, I want a lipstick.


No, I´d prefer either orange or pink.

We´ve got a lot of pink lipsticks but we haven´t got many orange ones. Pink seems very popular this year. Do you like this one?

No, that looks a little too bright. Which colour are you wearing?

I´m wearing pretty pink. Would you like to try it? Oh, yes, it suits you.

Yes, I´d like that one. How much is it?

Thirty-five pence.

And how much are those bottles of perfume?

A pound each. How many would you like?

I´d like one of them.

Are you being helped (attended)?

Not yet. I´m looking for a handbag, a hat and a pair of leather gloves to match.

Do you know the size of gloves, madam?

I´m afraid, I don´t.

I think size 7 will fit you. Do you like any of these, madam?

I´m afraid they are too large. I need a size smaller.

Here you are. The price is...

Well, I´ll take them.

Try this hat on, please. This is a very attractive hat.

Does it fit well?

Yes, it´s your size. And here is a handbag to match the hat and the gloves.

How much is it?

It costs ...

What can I do for you?

I need a present for a girl.

How old is she?

She´s 19. I have no idea what to choose. Maybe you´ll show me some blouses.

We have them in white and dark blue colours. Which, do you prefer?

A white blouse is all right for summer. I like it better.

O. K. What size?

I don´t know exactly. Shes rather tall and slim. 1 think you wear the same size,

Well, here it is. It´s a lovely blouse,

What´s the material?

It´s silk.

Is it expensive?

The price is quite reasonable.

All right. It suits me. O.K.

What would you like, madam?

A pair of good walking shoes.

Certainly. What size, madam, please?

Size six.

Here are several pairs of shoes. Will you try them on, please?

Oh, these shoes are nice, but a bit tight. I´m afraid.

Then will you try on these, madam?

Well, these shoes are too large, I think.

Perhaps this pair will do?

It seems it fits me perfectly. Well, I´ll take it.

Now, is there anything else I can do-for you, madam?

Could you show me the black shoes in higher heel?

Just a minute. We have them in a lower, medium and higher heel.

I´ll bring you the pair you need.

4) Role-play the following situations:

You must go shopping to buy something, for supper (a dinner party, a birthday party, etc)

Imagine that you are receiving guests. Make a shopping list. Act out the dialogue at the shop.

Advice your friend what to wear to the theatre (a birthday party, a stadium) if it is sunny, if the weather is bad /fine.

You want to organaze a picnic with your friends. Discuss what foodstuffs you need to buy for it.

You are at butcher´s. Have a talk with the salesman: what sort of meat will be better to by for the party.

You are invited to the birthday party of your close friend. You are looking for the present.

You have bought a new blouse (shirt) recently. You want to find a skirt (trousers) to match it.