Polite requests and offers

- We´d like two cakes, please.

= Would you like anything to drink with that?

- Could you tell me where the haberdashery is, please? = Yes, of course. It´s on the second floor.

- Have you got any Sunsilk shampoo for dry hair? = I´ll check, but I think we only have it for greasy.

- Excuse me. Can you tell me where platform one is? = It´s over there. Come with me. I´ll show you.

- I´d like a large, brown, sliced loaf, please. = I´m afraid we only have white left.

- Can I take this bag as hand luggage? =Yes. That´s fine. I´ll give you a label for it.

- Could I have another plastic bag? I´ve got so much to carry. = Here you are. We don´t charge for them.

Living compliments:

That´s a very nice ... (jacket) you are wearing.

That´s a nice (good-looking) ... (blouse) you have on.

It´s looks very beautiful.

It looks great!

It looks terrific!

Your (blouse) goes perfectly with your ... (shirt).

Your (shirt) matches very well/just right your ... (trousers).

That´s a good combination of ... .

That´s an interesting design of ... (collar).

I like your new ... (suit).

I wish I cold find one just like it.

= Thank you. You are very kind. = You flatter me. = Nice to hear that. = Nice of you to say so. = I´m glag you like it. = The same goes for your ... (shirt). = The same can be said for your ... (suit).