1) Complete the following: MODEL:

A sandwich, please?

No, thank you. I´m not hungry . .

- Tea or coffee?

I am not thirsty.

- Apple or orange juice?

- Some cake, please?

No, ... .

I´m full.

- More coffee?

No, ... .


Would you like some more soup?

Yes. I´d like some. It´s delicious.

- ... pie?

... wonderful.

- ... wine?

... excellent.

- ... meat?

... very good.

2) Translate and act out:

Заходьте сюди, прошу.

Put off your coat, please.

Візьміть, будь ласка, квіти.

Thank you. I´m fond of flowers.

Put, off your hat.

Покладіть шляпу на поличку.

This way please. Make yourself comfortable.


Почувайте себе як вдома. Ви п´єте каву?

Yes, please. With pleasure.

Here it is. A cake, please?

Hi, дякую. Я не голодний.

Сідайте тут. Влаштовуйтесь зручніше.

A lovely day, isn´t it?

Yes. It´s very warm. Have you been to the exhibition?

Ще ні.

It´s fantastic. I advise you to go there.

I´ll follow your advice.

Пора іти додому. Дякую. Ми добре провели час.

Thank you for coming.

3) Read and translate the following dialogues. Try to retell them:

Good evening, Susan!

Hello, Jane, my dear. I´m glad to see you. Come in. It´s very kind of you to come. This way, please.

Here are some roses for you.

Thanks, a lot. I´m fond of flowers. These are so fresh and beautiful. Would you take off your coat and put it on a hook. Put your hat, scarf and gloves on a rack. Go into the living-room. Mrs. Parker, my husband´s aunt, is waiting for us there.

Mrs. Parker, meet my cousin Jane, please...

How do you do, Jane?

How do you do, Mrs. Parker? Glad to meet you.

I´m pleased to meet you too.

Do sit down, please. Make yourself at home.

Thanks. Lovely day, isn´t it?

Yes, it is. It´s very warm for this time of winter.

Yes, they say the weather will soon change for the worse.

What makes you think so?

That´s the weather forecast.

Well, my dear. I´d like you to taste my new cakes. Here you are. Ann, what about some coffee or tea?

Don´t trouble yourself (about me ).

It´s no trouble at all.

Then a cup of tea, I think. Without sugar.

Do you like your tea strong?

Yes, I do.... The cakes are delicious.

I´m glad to hear it.

Mrs. Jackson, have you seen, the last film?

Not yet.

It´s strange you´ve missed it. I advise you to see the film. I´m sure you´ll like it very much. The leading lady is charming. And she plays beautifully.

Well, I´m going to see it soon. By the way, what time is it, Ann?

It´s half past ten.

It´s high time for me to go. Thank you for an enjoyable evening. We had a good time.

Thank you for corning.

Good-by, Ann.


, Mrs. Jackson,

4) Role-play the following situations:

You are a hostess, invite your guests to the living-room, propose some coffee (tea, juice, mineral water).

You are a hostess. Ask your guests to put off their coats, hats and. gloves. invite them into the living-room.

Ask your guests to have another cup of tea (with or without lemon) and some more cake.

Your son has come home from school. Tell him to put . his things in order, to take off the coat, to put it on the hook, put his cap on the rack.