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1) Complete the following:


I feel like having a cup of coffee.

That´s a good idea. Coffee for me too, please.

... a coke.

... Coke ...

. an iced tea.

... Iced tea ...

... a cup of hot chocolate.

... Hot chocolate ...

... some beer.

... Bear ...

... a glass of lemonade. ... Lemonade ...


Would you like, a piece of cake?

Yes, please. The chocolate cake would be fine.

- ... The apple pie ... nice. 2) Practice the following dialogues in pairs:

What would you recommend for the sweet?

I can recommend strawberries with cream and sugary.

lunch, the 1-st course, the 2-nd course, dinner, dessert, hors d´oeuvres; beefsteak, mutton chop, roast chicken, pork chop, chicken soup, noodle soup, bacon and eggs, orange juice

What is your favorite dish?

I´m fond of pork chop with vegetables.

mutton chop, stewed meat, fish and chips, beefsteak, rumpsteak, porridge

Well, how do you find the soup?

It´s very good. I (don´t) like it.

meat, fish, cutlet, beefsteak, salad, bacon and eggs;

not bad, excellent, too cold, a bit overdone, absolutely tasteless, too salty (bitter)

I can´t say that I like eggs.

What kind of food do you like?

I prefer all other kinds to eggs.

mutton, pork, bacon, milk, vegetables, boiled potatoes, fish, chicken

Choose a meal and a drink from the menu: MODEL: - fried eggs — omelette

Would you like fried eggs or an omlette?

Fried eggs, please.

mutton chop — pork chop; mineral water — soda water, water —fruit juice; salad — sandwiches; caviar — salmon; beefsteak — rumpsteak; potatoes — cabbage; tea — coffee; tea with lemon — tea with milk; wine — brandy

React to these statements as shown in the model: MODEL:

Beefsteak is my favourite dish.

I didn´t know beefsteak was your favourite dish.

Mutton chop is my favourite dish.

I´m hungry as a hunter.

Noodle soup is not on the menu.

Many restaurants in Britain are closed on Sunday.

Kate and I usually eat out on Saturday.

I want to order only bacon and eggs.

I fond of toast,

I can´t eat fried fish, I´m on a diet.

There will be nothing to follow this dish.

Mr. Russel will pay (settle) the bill.

I´m going to put up at this hotel again.

Work with a partner and choose the correct answer to these questions. Sometimes more than one answer is correct:

1. You arrive at a restaurant with two friends but you haven´t booked a table. The waitress welcomes you. What do you say? a) Have you any seats left?

Have you got a table for three?

I want a table for three.

You sit down and call the waitress. What do you say?


Excuse me!


What is your next question?

Bring me the menu.

Could we see the menu, please?

Could we see the card, please? (Am)

You and your frie

nds have decided what you want to eat. The waitress

says, «Are you ready to order?» You are. What do you say?

I´d like bean soup to start with.

I think I´ll have bean soup.

I take bean soup.

When you begin the main course, you find there are certain things you need. Which of these can you say?

Excuse me, I haven´t got a fork.

I need salt.

Could you bring me some more bread, please?

You want to wash your hands. What do you ask?

Excuse me, where are the services?

Excuse me, where is the toilet?

Excuse me, where is the washroom? (Am)

After the dessert and coffee, you want to pay for the meal. What do you say to the waitress?

Could you give me the account, please?

Could I have the bill, please?

Could you bring me the check, please? (Am)

A friend suggests you have dinner together in a certain restaurant. At the end of the meal, the waiter brings the bill. What do you say?

I´ll pay this.

Will we share this?

Nothing. Your friend suggested dinner, and you expect him to pay.

6) Reply to the waiter:

You are being served, aren´t you?

Do you like your tea strong?

The steak is just to your taste, isn´t it?

You have ordered salad for two, haven´t you?

Do you still need the wine list?

You don´t seem to like the cutlet. Shall I change it?

Shall I put sugar, madam?

Will you eat table d´hote or a la carte?

7) Translate and act out:

Aren´t you hungry?

О, так.

And I´m awfully thirsty.

Чи не хочете Ви склянку соку?

Thanks — I´d love one.

Чого б Ви хотіли попоїсти?

I think I´ll have a steak and then for dessert some icecream;

Ви хочете чогось випити?

A glass of wine would be fine.

У Вас є вільний столик?

I´m afraid, not. We have two vacant seats at the window. This way, please.

Can. I see the menu? (Would you, please, show us the menu?)

Ось воно, Ви вже готови щось замовити?

Yes. I´ll try the turkey, potatoes and bananas.

What will we start with?

Давайте почнемо із салату, потім курячий суп та чіпси.

What about the sweet?

Я думаю, що буду яблучний сік. І ще принесіть нам два тістечка.

Waiter, my bill, please!

Ось, будь ласка.

8) Role-play the following situations:

Let´s find out what you would take for:

a snack, breakfast, dinner, lunch, supper;

the first course;


You are at a restaurant. You notice that your glass is not clean. You stop the waiter who is passing by and say ... .

You suggest to your wife going to a restaurant instead of cooking at home.

She disagrees with you giving her reasons.

Why not go? — A nasty weather. Much more expensive. Not as tasty as cooked at home.

You want to go on a diet to lose weight. Ask a doctor what particular dishes he would recommend you.

What diet should I go on? - You must have vegetables, milk, boiled meat. Not to take in much liquid. Not to take in a lot of bread, butter, salt.

At a restaurant the waiter offers you a wide choice of dishes. After choosing your meal from the menu you give the order.

- What would you recommend for...? What is the speciality of the house? I´d rather take ...for the second course.

How do you like your steak (coffee) served? I´m awfully sorry, we´ve run out of it. (It´s not on the menu.)